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Lockdown again

UK going down into lockdown again, feel sorry for lonely people who don't have anyone and small businesses who will suffer terribly. One thing is it will be a lot quieter, pollution will drop so there are some silver linings in all this. I suppose it has to be done but you will always get idiots who flout & spread this deadly virus.

so I was looking back at my silly poetry and found this...

I started to write this poem

Under duress

I really can't stand doing'em

I must confess

A piece of chair leg stood proudly by

I didn't notice until it caught my eye

I've got this problem with my mind

I'll have to pay attention this time

It's called Attention Deficit Disorder

It's a kinda problem sorta

If I stay here, I'm going to have a fit...

Oh f**k it

I'm off!

My niece Clare painted this. Beautiful

An ink pen drawing.


Step by step

I creep down the stairs

The time depends

On how fast I descend!

Now it is time to close tonight, Be safe and cheerio


32 Hinwood Road, Westbury, Shrewsbury, SY59QU