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All go here in Shropshire.....

I have been doing little illustrations for a family member and have done 10 up 'till now. Been busy trying out all sorts of ideas and drawings and after a few days break, I'll try to do the rest..

Cold weather now but not too much rain or wind, which is good. Lots to clear up in my garden but haven't time to do it yet.

So been staying in while lockdown is on, not seeing many people but it is best to stay safe as I always manage to catch colds and flu in winter time and I don't want to catch anything else! My brother has had a further cosmetic surgery on his face but has been declared cancer free by the doctors so he is very happy and much relieved this Christmas time.

So everyone who reads this, have a lovely time this Christmas but stay safe. Drop a comment to say hello.

Just an experiment picture

Ink & gouache painting

I like all birds, I wrote this to wind up a friend who kept racing pidgeons.

So keep safe and be happy, things don't last forever and soon I believe thing will get better.


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