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All Because....

Getting really fed up with everything at the moment. With Covid still on the rise and winter coming it seems all doom & gloom! Sent off all my xmas presents to family and just ticking along as usual. Need my hearing tested but don't want to burden the health service at this present time especially as it is not a life & death problem.

My brother is due an operation soon on his face, to help him speak and swallow properly, hope it doesn't get put back as hospital admissions rise because of covid. He's a real fighter.

Mind you things could be a lot worse for me. I think I'm only fed up because of the world situation and my little life is quite all right really compared to what others have on their plate.


Take a large biscuit

Place it on your sofa

Gaze at it lovingly while you're alone

Try to be positive

And do the washing up

Then dream happily of your left foot.

My brother inspired this poem.

Just a photo of a pen drawing for a friend.

An ink & gouache painting.


So it is goodbye until next week. Please drop a comment or subscribe, it would be nice to hear from you. Take care.xx


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