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A little late.....

A little late getting to my blog this week, been busy helping my brother with illustrations for a book he is writing for his granddaughters. Can't help thinking the world is in a far worse state than most people believe and the future generations will pay dearly for our mistakes now.

Been sorting though my vast collection of pictures I have done over many years. I had quite forgotten about them, so I will post some today.

Now for a poem,


If what your gut is busting

And life is very dull

If you try to chew a fig

And everything is like a wig

If you cannot stand up straight

Try sitting on a roller skate!

If you can dream of a bat

And ride around on your cat

If while lying in your bed

A currant bun lands on your head

If you drive while you are drunk

Try a handstand on a skunk!

If you sneeze into a bin

And really cannot stand the din

If you shout at a fish

Try earwigs with your favourite dish

If you cannot stand this rhyme

Try cycling in a vat of wine!

Now for some artwork.

A loose interpretation of Alice in wonderland.

So have a good night, sleep soundly, if you have time drop a comment. Stay safe & take care.


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