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Covid-19 will be with us for a while

Just saying, stay safe, wear a mask in public places. Now had the community nurse visit last week. I found I had 5 boxes of medication that I forgot I had and just ordered more because I thought I had run out. Found them in a tidy-up and it must have been the lockdown because I have never ever done that before, As they are all in date for 1 year the nuse reminded me not to request more, now I realise I had so many, I won't request any for a good while!

The campervan has now passed it's MOT since quite a bit of work was done on it and now it is having all the corrosion treated and repaired and it is not as bad ( or expensive) as we 1st thought.

Doing this blog on a chromebook as the PC has gone and as yet I haven't figured out yet how to post photos to a gallery or online. So bare with me folks.

So cases of covid-19 are rising again so all our area are being very careful , not going into crowds or visiting the cities, So stay safe everyone!

My neice from New York is visiting the UK but has to quarantine for 2 weeks. My other neice who lives in Germany will be visiting hopefully in October.

Today has been a lovely summery day and my tomato plants I grew from seed are fruiting, spring onions are doing well as are the carrots ,leeks and cucumber.

Please everyone, stay safe and be happy.xx


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