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Now I'm happier...

I'm out of the doldrums and starting to get things done at last. Getting sorted with all stuff that we have accumulated over many years and giving it away to people who want/need them. Getting new flooring fitted in 2 weeks time so it makes it easier for me to clean especially as I am now a lot older. Hoping to go to my art classes in the future as I haven't created anything in quite a while. Had a pneumonia vaccine at my local doctors because I was in a certain age group that they now give it to. Hopefully I will not get it so bad come winter. We all have a lot to be thankful for and I feel for those that have suffered badly or died from covid 19.

Well this is the moment I show some of my artwork etc, so here it is....

So for me I think things seem better for me, venturing out for a walk to a small local wood nearby with my friend and neighbour Ann.

Would any of you visitors like to comment or subscribe to my little blog? It would make me happy.

So bye bye for now, take care and stay safe.xx


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