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So here we all are....

So many days have past that I am forgetting what day it is. Still keeping well and doing things but one day seems to run into another. However nothing lasts for ever and hopefully thing will get back to normal eventually.

So everything is up in the air for so many people but we all have hope which is a good thing to have right now. So I have been enthralled by the goats of Llandudno who are having fun in the town since the lockdown. I'll see if I can post a link....

  1. Mar 2020 - A herd of goats have taken over the deserted streets of Llandudno, north Wales, where the residents are in lockdown during the coronavirus ...

This is lovely in such awful times Also been seen, herds of deer in London streets and sheep at a McDonalds in South Wales. Do look them up it is so cheerful.

No poetry or stories today as I have put them all somewhere & can't find them at the moment.

Well Hope everyone is coping and carrying on as best as you can.

Now for some artwork.

This is just some doodle of costumes.

Please stay safe!

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