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Act of kindess

Act of kindness from people in my village is really lovely . A free range egg farmers owner had his wife bake cakes for everyone and left a tin of them on everyone's doorstep. Notes have been left for villagers to phone several helpers to help with shopping and everyone clapped outside their doors at 8pm for the NHS. Just shows you how kind people can be.

We are still on lockdown only going out once a week for food shopping. People still are observing social distancing and I'm quite busy planting out my geraniums that had been indoors over winter. My magnolia tree has finished flowering and the leaves are starting to show, more sweeping up of large amounts of petals.

Still not really bored with lockdown as my nieces new book "Sisters of Berlin" has arrived to read. Her name is Juliet Conlin and you can find it on Amazon if you feel like a good read.

Now for a cheer up poem which I have published before but doing it again to cheer people up in these awful times.

Cheer up you old thing

Have you never had a rubber band go ping

Fry a sausage, egg & chips

And never mind about life's dips

Life is crazy we all agree

But watch out you're walking into that tree

Banging your head always makes sense

But beware of the goat sitting on the fence

Now for some artwork

Back room, 68 North Street

Try to stay positive everyone. Take care & stay safe



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