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Getting use to lockdown

Well all over the world we are in the same boat so to speak. My niece who is living in New York caught Covid-19 and was really poorly. Fortunately she did not need to be hospitalised and is almost recovered. For many it has been fatal and you cannot be human if you don't feel immense sadness for them and their families.

My husband and I have managed to avoid the virus so far. We don't live in a big city where it seems to be more rife. We are lucky at the moment but so far we are managing.

Life for us is as normal as it can possibly be in these sad times. We are finding lots to do around our home and in our garden and regularly in touch with family and friends online. so are keeping quite sane. How are you lot that visit my blog and are you coping?

Now for a little poem.

If you are feeling sad

Hug a slice of bacon

Then you won't feel so bad

Bacon is a great friend you see

A better friend than I could ever be.

Now for some spring photos of my garden.

Husband enjoying the spring sunshine.

So everyone, please stay safe and take care.xx


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