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Troubling times...

Such terrible news from around the world. Keep calm. Collected my brother from hospital yesterday. He has a care package in place to help him recover more at home. At the hospital it was very quiet with all who could be sent home gone. The NHS is bracing itself for all the virus patients that will no doubt have. As I have underlying health problems I'm only going out for essentials and not otherwise. We have people in the village who have volunteered to get supplies and medicines for the vunerable and elderly. So I have done a little poem to cheer people goes..

Cheer up you old thing

Have you never had a rubber band go ping

Fry a sausage, egg and chips

And never mind about life's dips

Life is crazy we all agree

But watch out you're walking into that tree

Banging your head always makes sence

But beware of the goat,

It's sitting on the fence

Now for some artwork

Chalk picture

So everyone please take good care of yourselves in the unfortunate times, sending my love to all.xx


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