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On the mend

Well storm after storm has battered the UK and Shropshire. Heavy rain, snow, hail stones and gale force winds are stopping me from getting out & about. Been up to the hospital to see my brother who is getting better by the day. Sorting out to bring him his phone & tablet pad so he doesn't get too bored. So on that note it is time for.....

A poem

" Juice of the grape"

Red Bordeaux is great they say

For keeping a tickly cough at bay

A nice claret, firm & fruity

Is great for flu & is nice and juicy

Sauvignon so they wish

Almost goes with every dish

A French cognac.old & mature

Makes everything interesting, even a bore

So you see good wines are great

So make a date with the juice of the grape

So now for some artwork of mine.

This painting is called " Falling out of windows "

"Hares & Rabbits"

Just a pattern painting I did.

So everyone who tunes in for time to time. Please comment or subscribe.... I would appreciate it. Many thanks.

So be happy and take care.xx


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