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Much, much happier now...

Good news for my family, my brother who was so dangerously ill is improving day by day. The nurses took him outside for a walk (in a wheelchair) to see the outside & garden. Most of the tubes etc that he seemed to have everywhere have gone. He is breathing on his own and has finished kidney dialysis for good. He is much happier and has been watching films on Netflix. Although he can't talk at the moment. He communicates well. So that has really cheered me up no end and I will visit him tomorrow.

I have been product testing Lancomes perfume "La Vie Est Belle" eau de parfum. It a powerfully sensual perfume which is deliciously delightful and makes me feel special. It comes in a lovely glass bottle which shouts sophistication, which of course it is.

Not any poetry today but plenty of artwork.

A painting based on city buildings.

Just cut up some spare painted paper to make a new picture.

Just a fun random picture to do.

So I have been quite stressed over my brothers health but the very lovely nurses and doctors who have been looking after him have been absolutely brilliant. Can't thank them and the NHS enough.

So now I'll finish for today. Take care and keep positive.xx


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