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So back again today...

Still waiting on some positive news about my brother, Haven't visited him yet as I had a chest infection and was not allowed to see him in hospital. The hospital staff are amazing and I know they will do their best to help him recover.

I am on tender hooks waiting for any positive news.

I take people as I find them and am quite a positive person. I have joined an art group and start to rekindle my story and poetry writing.

I wrote this little rhyming poem to cheer myself up. It is about spiders

Spiders are unusually tiny

So why do shakes go up my spiny

When I see one in the bathroom

Sitting staring at my face

I'm so frightened, it's a disgrace

These tiny creatures ,much smaller than me

Can frighten a giant such as me.

We have had a terrible storm today with gale force winds and heavy rain. The country has sort of come to a standstill and I do not want to go out at the moment. Can't wait for spring now!

Now for some more artwork.

A chalk drawing of mother & child.

Pen & wash drawing- DUCK

A still life I did in the Impressionist style

So now I'm going to have my evening meal. Perhaps a couple of sips of wine as I don't usually drink and really affects me.

So everyone who tunes into my little blog, take care and be positive.


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