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Hi, diddly, diddly hi!

Well into a new year, Having the campervan that we bought last year fixed for this summer. We are paying to have it fixed bit by bit when we can afford it. Quite a bit needed done on it and we were misled on ebay which stated it was in good condition. Well you live and learn but I was very annoyed with the seller who probably has done this before as he covered his tracks well.

Never mind people all over the world have it much worse!

In the scale of things it is nothing.

Putting on some artwork that I haven't shown for a couple of weeks.

A comic view of a Shakespeare sonnet

"Shall I"

Shall I compare thee to a baked bean?

Thou art more nutritious and more edible

Roughly do we shake the can

And I know thee will soon be eaten

Sometimes too hot to put on thy tongue

And often we put thee on toast

And mix thee in a casserole

By chance or nature's way we let you grow

But thy flavour shall not fade

Nor lose possession of thy aroma

Nor shall we leave thee in thy tin

When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st

So long as men shall swallow

So long will thee exist a true baked bean.

How about some artwork?

Ink & gouache figure.

Newspaper fish composition

"what do you see" Charcoal & oil pastel.


32 Hinwood Road, Westbury, Shrewsbury, SY59QU