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So after 2 weeks... I'm back!

So as it gets nearer to Christmas, I will do my blog every 2 weeks until after the New Year. this is because I'm very busy at this time of year & I don't seem to have enough time to do everything. You know how it is!

On Wednesday I'll be back in London, meeting a friend there & staying overnight. What will I be up to? Well you will just have to wait & see.

Now for 2 very silly short poems I wrote

If you are feeling sad

Hug a slice of bacon

Then you won't feel so bad

Bacon is a great friend you see

A better friend than I could ever be

Snakes & ladders

Ludo or chess

I try to cheat

At them all I guess

It's just compulsive

I can't help it you see

So I'll just cheat

Because it's just me!

Now for some more artwork.

And a fun one

And me after having my hair cut,(It will grow again)

So now I'n off to cook our evening meal. Take care everyone where ever you are.xx


32 Hinwood Road, Westbury, Shrewsbury, SY59QU