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So What?

So had a terrible week with all sorts of problems going on. That is why I missed doing my blog on Sunday. Ah well never mind, my problems are very small compared to others. So I must not fret too much. Had a quiet birthday and that was okay with me as I did not want anything as I have everything I need or want.

Anyway, I'm not going to go on as I now want to tell a story I wrote that I found just the other day. I found it among a pile of papers I had written a while ago.

The Daily Neptune

Hi Dudes!

This is for the trusted black generatory system around the cosmos.

This is Monique, "don't I know you?" "You must have met me in the Yorkshire House" etc until all the alcoholic establishments in Shrewsbury had been mentioned.


Meanwhile Zaks going crazy on the git-ahh,ah ah me old boot, plenty of allsorts.

Meanwhile back to the interview in a rather dragging sort of way- also a bit laid back with a touch of Marmite attitude.

"What's all this?"


So now for a couple of pieces of my artwork

This is done with oil pastels

So hopefully I'll get my act together and be back on Sunday. Take care.xx


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