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Oops, It is that time again....

Although it hasn't rained for a week, it has been very cold here in Shropshire. Garden needs a good tidy up and the carrots need pulling up before they all rot. Halloween went well, don't celebrate it myself but always buy sweets to give out to local trick and treaters. The kids are always very polite and there parents are there to make sure they are safe & behave properly.

Going down to London next Sunday with a friend who is taking me to Stylist Live Luxe, a fashion and beauty show. Just a lovely days break for both of us. Let you know all the info on how we got on next week.

Now for a little poem loosely based on "Greensleves" favourite of Henry VIII.


Alas my haddock ye do me wrong

To fry so officiously

And I have waited for so long

In anticipation of thee

Fillet of fish was my joy

Fillet of fish was my delight

Fillet of fish for my supper tonight

And who but my lovely haddock

So Brexit is still dragging on and there is a general election in December. Wish it would go away everyone is really fed up of it now, just seems to be a big game to politicians. Don't know if I can be bothered voting as the elite political class don't give two hoots about the general public.All politicians are the same, they will say & promise anything to grab power.

Enough of my rantings now for some artwork.

And 2 treat and treaters from our neighbourhood

So now I'm off to get a cup of tea, goodnight and take care.xx


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