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So, it's Sunday & my new weekly blog.

So not really major things have happened here in Shropshire. Got the heating on now as it is quite cold these days. Got all my Christmas presents now that I have been buying throughout the year for both our families so I don't have to bother now. Rob (husband) has got a new acoustic bass so he can jam at open mic nights in pubs. That is occupying his time now.

Now or a mental story I made up.

'Fiercely sliding up the wrong way, the catflap saw it's chance & jumped just as the leaves started cheering. No one could have imagined the outcome. Several dead snails had been picked out of their shells & had been swallowed in one go.. The program to control the post had given up and gone home. Yesterday however had been very different, it was such a lovely day.... like a spring day in Autumn... quite good like a large lick of Marmite!

Now for some more artwork

And another

So my imagination can be quite bizarre at times. Am I telling the truth? Or maybe I'm lying!

So that's it for this week, task care everyone, try not to worry and be happy!


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