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Being positive is the only way...

So after more rain & more to come, we are staying in most days. Camper van has gone to our local garage for a few minor repairs. It is quite an old one and in a few years will be classed as a classic vehicle. It has all inside ready to go away and enjoy ourselves on road trips.

I have found some more stuff I wrote.

" The cold is cloaking my body like a tightly fitting shroud

My body is like ice, brittle & mirrored, cold to touch

Frosted wind & callous atmosphere surrounds my mind

When will the summer return?

Emerging bright, sunny and happily dreaming is

Perhaps to come and envelope me with warmth and comfort

The future is no better than what we dream

My dream is pure, my dream is warm, my dream is life!

Now for some more of what iI think is my quirky artwork

This was done to pass the time not meant to be serious artwork

and this

So that is all, until next week, take care everyone, Bye.


32 Hinwood Road, Westbury, Shrewsbury, SY59QU