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So, just carrying on...

Rain seems to happen every day now in Shropshire, the forecast is for a very bad & cold winter. I have been tidying up our garden, pulling up the spent tomato and runner bean plants and sweeping up loads of leaves,

As it is colder now have put on the heating and making the house cosy. My husband & I have been re arranging the furniture to make space,

Dull days and getting dark early so the clocks will be going back an hour at the end of October. Why on earth the government has kept this system still is beyond me.

Brexit has been dominating the news and the people are sick to death with it and parliament squabbling like children and insulting each other. Does every ones head in.

So just to cheer you up I am showing more artwork. By the way if anyone would like to buy or have a print for a fair fee please get in touch.

and this

Must do some more writing, haven't done any for a while, I must make time.

Now if you feel inclined please comment (good or bad) at the bottom of the posts. I wold be chuffed to bits if you subscribed.

Take care everyone and bye for now.xx


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