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A little late today

Back here again bringing you up to date with what is going on. Torrential rain today and more due for all next week. But do I look worried? Well Do I Punk? Just stay in and get on with what needs to be done, trying to be positive, well that is all one can do!

Sorted out the bedroom, trying to sort out my pile of artwork and clean the fish tank. I'm sure the fish recognise me as they always come to the front of the glass to peer at me when I am near the fish tank. They seem to know what time they are fed too!

Now I am not going to go on so now for some artwork,

Not my favourite

This was done by pouring tubes of paint onto paper, just as an experiment. called it "Snail man"

Now I'm posting a photo of "The general" our classic car from the 1960s which my husband inherited from his uncle.

And a photo of me taken in the summer

So take care everyone, please comment if you feel like it, Scroll down to the bottom.


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