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So What?

So now the rain is back in Shropshire, hoping for an Indian summer so we still might get some sunny weather.

I said I wrote a little story while I was in hospital in January so here it is. It is completely made up and in no way reflects on the hospital and the wonderful dedicated medical staff.


To the ward sister'

Stuffing the remains of the amputees leg behind the radiator is causing some concern. Patients are getting a rather heavy attitude about a "beastie kind of smell" and are sort of upset.

Can you remove it and place in the empty bed, I'll think of something to do with it later. I don't want to upset the carrots! Ta!

From Dr. Paddy 1/2y x 8 French.

Now for some photos of my fruit & veg I have grown

All grown this year, a selection has gone to neighbours.

Now for some art. This head was made out of lated paper & painted

It was quite fun to make

A lizard type "thingy" drawing

So still trying to find out what all the control switches on the panel in our campervan do. reading the manual carefully and at last getting my head around it.. But our old Rover P5B needs a little work on it. We call it "The General" as it was 1st owned by a General who fought in the 2nd World War.

So now it is getting late so Take care everyone, good night!


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