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It's about time! saying......

Well for about a month my PC has been broken. Just got a new one & is now up & running. So now I'm back with my weekly blog posts. So subscribe or comment if you would like to.

Got hold of a cheap second hand camper van and are now waiting for the ownership documents to reach us so we can tax and insure it. It is in fairly good condition for it's age and has double bed, cooker, fridge, shower and sink,plus a porta potty. Plenty of storage space too.We are giving up flying ( for environmental reasons) so this camper van will double up as a holiday home as well as extra bed space when family stay over.All in all we are very pleased that we have got it and can't wait 'till next spring & summer to go on our travels in the UK and perhaps Europe too.

Now for some artwork.

This picture is called "The waiter"

This picture of a cork screw was inspired while opening a bottle of wine.

So next week I will write a little story inspired by a stay in hospital, just totally imagined and no reflection on the excellent NHS care I received.

Okay everyone wherever you live, take care & good night.xx


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