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Well, I have it this time...

So it has rained for a couple of days here in Shropshire. I don't mind, it is quite warm and lovely to sit outsde in my garden under the gazebo. Been potting up quite a few foxglove plants to give away on freecycle. Have had so many self-seeded I now have too many.

Getting the house in order, being really lazy and doing a bit at a time. You know when you have lost your mojo and I had lost mine all last week, oh, and the week before. Just now starting to organise myself to get more done.

Now for a little poem.

My feet are too big for my height

Finding shoes to fit

Is a bit of a shit

Which can be a problem

I'll just go barefooted

Until I can borrow some

Now for a bit of my artwork

This was a quick sketch of our sitting room in our old house

Just a ink pen & pencil drawing of mine.

Just saying a big hello to all my visitors. Take care & be happy.xx


32 Hinwood Road, Westbury, Shrewsbury, SY59QU