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Happy, happy happy! Well one thinks......

After a few sunny days, it is back to raining here in Shropshire. Due for our BBQ next Sunday but it might still rain. Ooops might have to have it indoors perhaps. Anyway it is going ahead as pland whatever the weather.

Veg seedlings doing nicely and are now small plants. All is well in my garden and looking quite lush.

Got a book to read & review so I will read it in bed at night. That reminds me, My niece Juliet Conlin 3rd novel is now on Amazon and is called The Lives Before Us. If you care to look it up. It is a strong story and good read.

Now for a poem....

Surrounded by a purple haze

All we do is watch & gaze

For behind the scenes, behind the illusion

Is hopefulness & less confusion

We are all we hoped to be

Standing here unashamedly

Now for some artwork

A coloured chalk picture

Just a fun collage/painting

Now if you will please, make a comment or subscribe to my little blog. It would be lovely for me. Now take care wherever you are in the world, Ta, ta! xxxx


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