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Ahh Hem! "Coughs"

Well had a little drama on Saturday night, Storm Hannah caused very windy weather and rain. At 4am the gazebo that we had put up (even though it was tied down) Flew up next door blasted by the wind, was half dangling off our neighbours roof and really damaged her light up tree.Fearing it could go further, damaging property and cars, we called the fire brigade. A big fire engine with 6 handsome well built firemen came. They dealt with everything very efficiently and turned down the offer of a cup of tea. All the neighbours are gossiping about it today. Our gazebo was okay but I am buying a new light up tree for our lovely neighbour who was upset by the whole affair.

The new wardrobe is being put together and is nearly finished. ready to sort out my old clothes that no longer fit me.

Now for a little silly poem.

And now for a silly pictue I did whilst in a funny mood

And the 1st pen drawing I ever did

So that's all folks, lovely evening to you all where ever you live, Take care.xx


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