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Hope you are feeling happy too....

I have designated this year as Happy Year! With everything going on in the world, remember we are lucky to be still here. There is no need for misery for when we are happy within ourselves we can effect and bring happiness to others. That's my saying for this year.

On another note, I have now read "The Lives Before Us" By Juliet Conlin. Available on Amazon, it tells the story of two women in Shanghai during the war. It is a good read, opens up what life was like in Shanghai during the war. I felt I got to know the characters and spent time with them on their lifes journey. Really engaging.,! You would love it.

A little poem I wrote in a bar.

Red bordeaux is great they say

For keeping a tickly cough at bay,

A nice claret, firm and fruity

Is great for flu & is nice & juicy

Sauvignon so they wish

Almost goes with every dish

A French cognac,old & mature

Makes everything interesting. even a bore

So you see good wines are great

So make a date with the juice of the grape

Now for a couple of pictures

This 1st one was just a watercolour

Another figure fantasy drawing done with an ink pen

So be happy everyone, or try to be! Goodnight.xx


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