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A nice pair of headphones (Review)

Trying these out

A pair of Lightweight, Foldable, Bluetooth, Wireless headphones

Comes in a sturdy case. The manual is very easy to follow and easy to set up with your phone, tablet or computer, They are quite comfortable to wear and the sound is very good.

The headphone are easy to fold or clip into place.

Since I got these, I have used them every day. Even though they are fold up, they click easily into place and are comfortable. The manual is very easy to follow and the sound quality is very good. The battery lasts a fair amount & is quite quick to recharge. The Bluetooth connection is really good & have had no problem connecting to my phone or ipad, after having wired headphones these really are freedom. The price is very reasonable for what the headphones do, I am thinking I certainly have made the right decision on this one!

So I'm very happy with these headphone, good sound vibes coming my way! Really pleased.

Over Ear Headphones, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Deep Bass, Foldable & Lightweight, Wireless and Wired Mode for PC, Cellphone, TV and Traveling

Sold by: Mtodreamo

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