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It's Sunday, Yeah!

Well signs of spring at last. My magnolia tree is in full flower and my patio apple. plum and pear trees are starting to bud. Can't wait to get out & about, still it was worth the wait.

I have not written much in a while but this bizzare story was insired by my cat Jackson.

Fiercely sliding up the wrong way, the catflap saw it's chance & jumped just as the leaves started cheering. No one could have envisiaged the outcome. Several dead snails had been picked out of their shells and swallowed in one go.The programme to controll the past had given up and gone home. Yesterday however, had been very different it had been such a lovely day - Like a spring day in Autumn or perhaps a summer day in winter. Quite good with a lick of marmite!

So much for my nonsense.

Now for some art. this is a watercolour on black paper

And this is a very quick sketch taken from Hieronymus Bosch, one of my favourite artists. His stuff is mad!

So here is another Sunday, hope you are all okay, Take care!

See here, Many things will bother us in our lives, but people will always get through them & become stronger! So Cheerio!


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