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Well, Well. Just want to say....

It's nearly 7pm here in Shropshire and it's still wet and windy. We are warm & snuggly in our little house and Jack-a-puss, the cat is nagging me for the food which is due at 8pm. He can't help it, he is just a stomach on legs.

So many channels on the TV but most are repeats that we have seen over & over again. So I think I will listen to the radio instead. Thinking of going to the Isle of Wight at the end of May to see my sisters family. She is a wonderful human being and despite having a long term illness, carries on so positively and always looks on the bright side.

So everything is fine in my household and things are quite pleasant.

Here is another poem I wrote whilst bored


Just as my gas fire warms

So my cutlery draw is full

Just when I start to sing

The shampoo bottle calls out

"Where are you? come out of the kitchen!"

And then you wash your hair

Then when all seems lost

You spot a chocolate eclair on your doorstep!

So now for some more artwork.

A oil pastel and watercolour. "Snail Girl"

Ink pen & pencil drawing

So I'm having a nice cup of coffee now & retiring for the evening. Good night all.


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