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8 pm and on the case

Just starting the Wednesday blog. Cold, wet & windy outside so I stayed in today. My cat has a trip to the vets tomorrow and he hates travelling in the car, have to get something to calm him down. The vets is in the next village to us and is a one car road with passing places every so often. The roads twists and turns and you have to be careful not to speed up as you could crash. Really hoping for decent spring and summer weather so we can spend more time outdoors, and perhaps have a few parties in the garden.

Here is quite a bizzarre poem I wrote inspired by my brother

Take a large cookie,

Place it on your sofa,

Gaze at it lovingly while you're alone.

Try to be positive,

And do the washing up,

Then dream happily

of the railway transport system.

So my mind is full of nonsense as you can tell, but I am fairly happy

Now for some art

A Hi-Five from a Giraffe, Just a ink pen drawing I did for fun.

This was done in inks for my grand nieces.

All's well in my little world and hoping all is well in yours.

Love & Peas


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