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Trying to get more organized

And that is what I'm trying to do. Instead of random posts I will start trying to do my little blog on Wednsday and Sunday

Sitting at my PC and it is raining outside & a little cooler. Nothing to do at the moment as I am all caught up with chores generally having a

lazy time of it.

I am fairly happy mood wise & have nothing really to moan about. Can't wait for summer sitting out in my garden with a glass of wine feeling relaxed.

Now here is a little poem, which was loosely based on the famous Wordsworth poem "Daffodils" It is called "Sausage"

I wandered lonely as a sausage

That floats on high o're grill & pan

And all at once I saw a slice

A host of golden ham

Beside the fridge, near some cheese

I'ts jelly quivering in the breeze

I took a slice for me to munch

And sat there 'till I'd ate my lunch

When at last the ham was gone

I had to conclude this poem was done

Now forr some artwook of mine

Done with an ink pen and watercolours

Just a happy pen drawing, fun to do.

Now, if you feel so inclined, please to subscribe to my little blog.

Have a lovely day everyone!


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