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How Bizzare, how bizzare

A couple of moths ago I bought this from a local auction for a few pounds

It was suggested to me it was a church insense burner. But I can't be certain. It is quite a lovely thing made of solid brass & coloured glass. If anyone knows what it is can you please comment as I would really love to know for sure.

On another topic, I wrote this silly poem when I was in a happy mood

And after this nonsense, of which I can churn out. a picture

And another

Quite bizzare this one. Had no idea when I started drawing it what it would look like when it was finished.

Miserable day to day, very cloudy and freezing cold. A little old neighbour from down the road want to try here hand on a computer. She had a faily old laptop and I suggested she needs broadband and antivirus. I am thinking that when she is confident on this laptop, she can get herself a newer one. Just helping out a friend and neighbour

So this little sunday blog is in addition to the other on saturday so Please enjoy!


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