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I have been thinking...

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I was thinking about reality. If reality is your perception of the world and time is part of that perception. Then how come time seems to pass slowly when you are at work doing something your not happy doing or on a rainy and dull day which seems to go on for ages? Therefore you reality can change due to your perception of the world. That's what I think and with this in mind I wrote a little note & put it on the table before I went to bed. On it I wrote " I swap my realities as often as I change my knickers!" The next morning I found that my husband had written underneath " Not very often then!" So there it is.

So here are two pictures of my artwork done quite a while ago.

Done in black ink pen.

Done in marker pens

So I have probably bored you enough for the moment so I am coing to get myself a coffee. Ta Ta!


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