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So here it is...

Doing my blog today instead of Sunday because we are having friends over tomorrow and I might not get time to do it then. Debating with my husband (as I want to change the carpet) whether to replace it with wooden flooring instead. It would be easier to keep clen I think and as I am older I find it quite a hassle to keep up with lots of vacuuming. It would I think look quite lovely. On another note, My niece Juliet Conlin has written her 3rd novel and will be on Amazon in March. My niece is a great writer ( of course I'm biased) and if you get a chance to read it please do! It is called "The Lives Before Us"

Snow was with us for a few days but has all melted now, bit of a shame. but in the UK there is such a crisis when 2 inches of snow falls. What's up with people?

Now for the last in my Animal book of Verse, Previous letters starting with A are all in my blog.


Zebras are known for their stripy coats

Of black & white that's very bold

They live in Africa on the plains

But look out for one when crossing the road.

And here is an ink picture I have done of Zebras and a pen drawing.

So I'm getting ready for tomorrow, dye the bits of greay from my hair & having a long soak in the bath


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