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When will I be famous?

Not that I chase fame. My husband has been mistaken for various famous people, don't know why, just has that look that he is, Last year we were in Dover waiting for the ferry to Calais. There we went to see one of Banksys murals painted on the side of a building. Standing there at the back of a crowd who were taking photos. Someone came up to my husband quizzing him and trying to make him admit he was Banksy. What is it with people? The weather is wet & cold with bouts of snow. I can wait 'till spring so I gan get planting and sowing seeds. I have quite a good stock of veg seed so come March, I'll be out and planting.

Now back to my Animal Book of Verse.....Where was I up to?


Weasles are very crafty chaps

And never need the use of maps

To find where they are going each day

They rely on instinct to find their way


Xylophone birds are usually heard

Making a commotion

Am I really making this up?

Because really I haven't a notion

Z the last verse will be next Sunday

An ink pen & pencil drawing

Just music!

So now I'm gong to have a lovely cup of tea. Take care everyone


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