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Lancome makeup review

I have been trying out Lancome buildable shine & colour longware lip colour (Celebration), plus the hydrating shaping lip colour (Berry Noir Matte). I had plenty of fun & experimentation with these two fab lip colours.

My favourite of the two was the Berry Noir matte lipcolour which was the colour that suited me best. The Builable longwear lip colour was easy to use, you could either have one layer for a more natural look or build up layers for a more intence colour. Either way the could was long lasting but the colour was too dark for me. The berry Noir lipcolour, had a button push up mechanism was a real winner. It makes sure you can easily open it. The colour I would not normally wear but it looked fabulous even for an older woman like me! But I was impressed. Looked fabulous.

Sorry about my washing in the background. ,,

After the snow and cold winds from a couple of weeks ago, thought it was over but No it looks like we are in for snow for Easter,. Mind you got plenty done in the garden today during the lovely sunny day.

This is a very large oil painting I painted in '95. Just one of only two oil paintings I have painted on canvas, I have it on my sitting room wall and by jolly it takes up quite some wall space.


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